Wallas-Marin Warranty Terms

Updated 1 July, 2021

Wallas-Marin Oy (the “Manufacturer”) warrants their heaters, stoves, and ovens (hereinafter referred to as the “Product”), against defects in material and workmanship for two (2) years or 2,000 operating hours in normal use (whichever comes first) effective at the time of sale to the Original End-User under the conditions provided herein.

Wallas-Marin heating systems are designed and intended for recreational use. Use for commercial, live-aboard or unattended use will result in elevated operating hours requiring maintenance and repair not covered by product warranty.

1.This warranty is made only to the first purchaser/customer (“Original End-User”), who acquires the Wallas-Marin Product for their own use.

2. This warranty will be in effect for two (2) years or 2,000 operating hours (whichever comes first) from the date of purchase by the Original End-User. A copy of the dated receipt of the sale should be retained as evidence of the date of purchase. The warranty period may be extended by an additional twelve (12) months by registering the Product within three (3) months of the Product being sold to the Original End-User. Registration must be done online at www.wallas.fi/takuu. Despite the extended warranty period, coverage is limited to 2,000 operating hours for all Products. Repairs carried out during the warranty period do not renew or alter the original warranty period.

3. The intent of this warranty is to protect the Original End-User of the Product from defects and provide repair and replacement of defective parts. Warranty repair service must be administered by an authorized Wallas-Marin distributor or an authorized Wallas-Marin Service Center in accordance with the Wallas-Marin warranty policy. 

4. Notification of the defect must be given in writing immediately to the authorized Wallas-Marin distributor, that sold the product (the “Seller”) by the Original End-User, if possible, but no later than two (2) months after the defect occurred. If the warranty period has expired and no notice was given in writing while the warranty was still valid, the defect will not be covered. The notification must include: 

-Description about the issue

-Description about the installation, when, where, and by whom it was done (photographs may be included)

-Product name, serial number, place and date of purchase

5. For repairs under warranty, the Original End-User must take or package and ship the product to an authorized Wallas-Marin Distributor or to an authorized Wallas-Marin Service Center. The best location for repairs is determined by the importer after the Original End-User has notified the Seller about the issue. Once the Wallas-Marin Distributor/Service Center has examined the returned Product and if it is found that it was defective in material and/or workmanship, the Distributor/Service Center shall repair the product. If the distributor/Service Center determines that repairs must be made, only authorized Wallas-Marin parts will be used.

6. This is a Return to Base Warranty, which does not cover costs accumulated from the removal and re-installation of the Product, or transportation costs if the Product has been shipped for repairs, or any damage occurred in transit.

7. This warranty does not cover indirect damages arising from a defective Product, property damage, loss of revenue, injury or loss of life as a result of system failure, or conditions unrelated to the material and workmanship of the Wallas-Marin Product. Such unrelated conditions include, but are not limited to:

a) The Product has not been installed according to the Wallas-Marin Product User Manual or the country-specific regulations have not been followed.

b) Damage or failure caused by installation of accessories or components not manufactured or approved by Wallas-Marin and/or modification of the Product structure without the consent of the Manufacturer.

c) Failure to follow the operation or maintenance instructions in the Product User Manual.

d) Damage caused by inappropriate storage or transport.

e) Fault resulted by an accident or damage of which Wallas-Marin had no control over (force majeure).

f) Damage or failure caused by improper handling, use of unsuitable fuel, low voltage, excess voltage, dirt, water penetrating the Product, or electro chemical corrosion.

g) The Product has been dismantled or opened without the explicit permission of the Manufacturer/Importer. 

h) Non-Wallas components or spare parts have been used in the repair of the Product.

i) Repair was done by an unauthorised service provider.

8. This warranty does not cover consumable or wear parts, which include glow coil/plug, bottom mat or wick, fuel filter, seals.

9. This warranty does not limit the rights specified in the consumer protection legislation.

10. Wallas-Marin reserves the right to change the design of any Wallas-Marin Product without notice and with no obligation to make corresponding changes in Wallas-Marin products previously manufactured.

When making a warranty claim, the Original End-User must provide proof that the maintenance and safety instructions have been thoroughly followed. This warranty does not apply to defects which have risen due to carelessness in following installation, operation, and maintenance instructions.