Turn your cottage heater on while you are on your way and arrive at a warm cottage. Remote control accessory needed. Compatible with 26 CC and 40 CC.

Start your boat heater from home and save time.  Compatible with the GB Series heaters and the 2000 t model. Check availability in your country.

Adjust the temperature with the Wallas Remote App without having to reach to the control panel. App connects to the control panel through short-distance wireless connection. No additional equipment is needed. Compatible with Spartan Series, Viking Series, 40 EA.

Turn the heater on remotely with the Wallas Remote App and save time. Remote access requires a WiFi connection through a WiFi router on the boat. Compatible with Spartan Series, Viking Series, 40 EA.

Keep your Wallas heater and app always updated with the latest features. Spartan and Viking Series, and 40 EA.



Shut down

Ventilation mode blows fresh air without heating

Air Boost is convenient for de-frosting and drying. It doubles the air volume without changing the temperature.

Switch from heating to ventilation 

Set a target temperature in PI Thermo Control Mode or use Manual Mode and control heating power with the power knob.

Sun Switch automatically turns the heater off if the temperature remains +3 C (37 F) above the set level for 1/2 hour due to local ambient conditions such as temperature increase in weather.

Wallas PI Thermo Control explained

Typical thermostat explained

Unlocking the unit.
Wallas heaters have a safety feature that locks the unit, if a fault has occurred. Failure must be investigated and resolved prior to unlocking the unit for further use. Learn more 


Spartan Air air heater

Viking Air air heater

Viking Combi air-water heater

30 GB air heater

1300 kerosene heater

88 DU stove


Closeable Warm Air Vent 60 mm 

Warm Air Vent 60 mm

Warm Air Vent 75 mm

Exhaust pipe 28 mm

Air Intake Hose for the Coaxial Exhaust Hose

Aluminum Coated 60 mm Air Duct

Aluminum Coated 75 mm Air Duct

Coaxial Exhaust Hose 28/45 mm

Closeable Deck Lead-Through

Stern Lead-Through

Main Tank Fitting

Separate Tank Feed

10 Liter Fuel Tank


Installing a Wallas Dt / GB Diesel Boat Heater

Installing a Wallas Spartan Diesel Boat Heater

Installing Wallas XC Duo Heater-Stove for Camper Vans

Fuel Line Installation


Diesel Boat Heater Maintenance

Diesel Cottage Heater Maintenance

Wallas Isopropanol for Cleaning the Fuel Line

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