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Control Your Heater Remotely with a Mobile App

As you get accustomed to having more control over your appliances at home, Wallas-Marin is working relentlessly to provide similar convenience for your time on the road or water. The Advanced Control Panel can be accessed remotely with the free Wallas mobile app, which allows you to save time by turning the heater on while you are still at home. The remote accessibility also enables easy diagnostics and keeps the heater updated with all the latest features. The mobile app, supported by Apple and Google, also sends notifications in case service is needed. The app works with Wallas units that come with the Advanced control panel (Spartan and Viking Series marine heaters as well as 40 EA cottage heater).

Keep Everyone Comfortable with a Press of a Button

Turn your heater on remotely and enjoy a warm boat upon arrival

Monitor cabin temperature and battery voltage remotely from home to be better prepared for the day

Adjust temperature locally on boat with your phone without having to reach to the control panel

Keep your heater always updated with the latest features

Run diagnostics without removing the unit

Use the Control Panel or the App - Whichever is Easier for You

Use heater in Thermo Control Mode to set a target temperature (°C/°F)

Blow fresh air with Ventilation Mode when heating is not needed

Maximize the air volume with Air Boost for quick defrosting or drying 

Wireless sensor sends more accurate temperature data to the control panel to maintain a smooth ambient temperature. The sensor is not hard-fixed to the wall, which makes it easy to move it to the specific location you want to monitor.

Simple App is Easy for Everyone to Use

Wallas Remote Mobile App connects to the heater’s control panel through a short-range wireless connection. No additional equipment is needed to use the app locally on boat within 15-20 m/50-65 ft.

Remote accessibility is also possible from any location through a WiFi connection. This type of connectivity requires a boat WiFi modem.

When used locally within short-range wireless connection, heater can be operated with the app in three modes: Heating (thermostatic mode), Ventilation, or Air Boost

When app is used from further distance (e.g. from home), heater can be started in one mode: Heating Mode (thermostatic mode) 

For safety reasons, Manual Mode control  is possible only directly from the control panel

Free mobile app heater control works locally on a boat with no WiFi by using a short-range wireless connection

Heater can be controlled remotely from any location through a boat WiFi modem/router

It is easy to adjust the temperature without having to reach to the control panel

Wireless temperature sensor monitors cabin temperature with improved accuracy

Small sensor is easy to install and move

Energy-efficient sensor works with a replacable lithium battery, which lasts for 1-2 years


Spartan Air
Spartan Twin
Viking Air
Viking Combi
40 EA (water heater – no airflow functions) 

Wallas Remote Access App


It is absolutely free