VIKING SERIES | Water Heater


900 – 3000 W

3000 – 10200 BTU

Wallas Viking Water diesel heater

The New Reliable Wallas Water Heater Series is Designed for People who Enjoy the Heat and Hot Showers Wherever They Go

Wallas Viking Water is a water heating system, which can be used for heating domestic fresh water or it can also be used to power up floor and radiator heating. Water heating system distributes pleasant heat evenly in the cabin.

With the Wallas Remote App, the heater can be turned on remotely allowing you to enjoy hot water and a warm boat immediately when you arrive at the marina. Viking Water is an excellent option for other off-grid applications as well, for instance, camper vans, cottages, office/break room containers, or construction trailers.

Advanced Control Panel Gives You All the Info You Need With One Glance

Intelligent thermostats control hot shower water and coolant temperatures, this makes it easy to have always the right temperature. Both coolant and hot water targets can be set separately.

Switch to High Altitude Mode  when traveling through high altitudes to adjust the combustion.

Summertime mode allows you to heat only the hot shower water system without heating the space, when the weather is nice and warm.

The app connects to the control panel through a short range wireless connection and WiFi, which allows you to control the heater remotely on your mobile phone even from your bed or home sofa.

The app gives you information about the water temperature, battery voltage and room temperature.

Download the remote Wallas app from here:

Both heaters come with 5W brushless motor water pump and can run the 15W water pump as well for the longer coolant runs.
Cylinderstat lets you start the heater automatically when you open the water tap or take a shower.
The heaters have also room thermostat feature for those who want to see the room temperature in the boat with Wallas bluetooth temp sensors (4432).
Viking Water has condensating (highest possible efficiency) heat exchanger design. It surpasses other diesel water heater competitors it its category.


Clean Burning

Updated software optimizes fuel and electricity consumption

Calibrated to burn renewable fossil free diesel (e.g. HVO)

Larger burner burns fuel slower resulting in ultra low CO2 and NOx emissions

Extensively tested with Neste

Improved burner efficiency for more power

The Greenboost burner burns renewable fossil-free diesel cleanly and energy-efficiently, as well as fossil-based diesel.

Combustion air is taken from outside the boat through the outer coaxial pipe.

Exhaust gas is safely expelled outside through the inner coaxial pipe keeping the indoor air clean and odorless.

Fully enclosed laminar burning process ensures a quiet sound level and dries the indoor air.

Energy-efficient Wallas Greenboost technology saves fuel and electricity.

Brushless blower motors have a very long life-cycle and require less frequent servicing.

Drawing fuel directly from the main tank of the vessel saves space and eliminates the need for a separate tank.

Durable Finnish design and manufacturing keep your heater intact for years.

Low temperature on the unit and exhaust pipe improves safety.

Advanced Control Panel enables intelligent temperature control for coolant and hot water
If Viking Water is used solely as a fresh water tank heater, the only function needed is ON/OFF.

If a second water pump is installed for floor heating, the control panel allows you to set a target room
temperature and the thermostat maintains a smooth ambient temperature in the space.


Viking Water power


Viking Water fuel



Fuel: Diesel, HVO renewable diesel
Power:  900-3000 W / 3,070-10,250 BTU
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Fuel Consumption:  0,10-0,30 l/h / 3.4-10 oz/hr
Electricity Consumption: 0,6-1,0 A
Length: 319 mm / 12 9/16″
Width: 140 mm / 5 1/2″
Height:  309 mm / 12 3/16″
Weight:  10,5 kg / 23.15 lbs.
E-Mark Approved for Vehicles: Yes


Boats: 7-9 m / 22-29 ft
Camper Vans: MB Vito
Trailers: up to 7 m / 22 ft


Advanced Control Panel, wire 5 m (16.4 ft)
Wired and wireless thermo sensors
Fuel line 4 m (13 ft)
Power cable 4 m (13 ft) with connector and integrated fuse 15 A
Mounting plate, feet brackets
Accessory bag including essential clamps and screws


Stainless Steel, High-Grade Aluminum, Other Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Recommended builds should be used as general guidelines. The needed heat output is based largely on the material (wood, fiberglass, aluminum etc.) and structure of the boat. Always discuss this with a Wallas distributor, before making your purchase.

Technical values are measured in a reference measurement wall, which is constructed to represent a typical boat installation. Values have been measured with maximum length of ducting, exhaust pipe, fuel line, and power cord. The figures allow for 10 % reserve – yours may vary.

Wallas diesel heaters are designed to run with standard road and boat diesel, as well as renewable fossil free diesel. Check with your distributor for further details on best options for your needs.

Accessories in black are included in the standard package. Accessories in blue are additional. 

Installation to a small boat

Installation to a medium sized boat

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