87 D

CONVECTION | Oven and Stove

1000 – 2200 W
3,400 – 7,500 BTU

Wallas 87 D diesel oven and stove

Spice Up Your Off-Grid Living with a Marine Oven-Stove Combination

Wallas 87 D diesel stove-oven is one-of-a-kind forced air cooking system that will bring your off-grid life to a new level. The world’s first automatic diesel convection oven has a thermostat-controlled fan for fast and accurate cooking times. As there is no open flame, it is safe to use at high temperatures and the fuel consumption is so low that an hour of cooking will only require approximately 0,25 l (8.5 oz) of fuel. Diesel can be drawn from the main fuel tank of your boat or vehicle, which saves a tremendous amount of space aboard.

Wallas 87 D is as easy to operate as a domestic counterpart. Simply start it by a press of a button and choose the desired temperature by turning the stepless thermostat knob. Cook your recipes on the left-side plate of the stove and simmer on the right at a slightly lower temperature. It is perfect for long boating trips, when you want to have the same quality meals as you have at home. 



Cleaner Burning

Updated software optimizes fuel consumption

Calibrated to burn renewable fossil free diesel (e.g. HVO)

Larger burner burns fuel slower resulting in ultra low NOX emissions

Extensively tested with Neste

Improved burner efficiency for more power

The Greenboost burner burns renewable fossil-free diesel cleanly and energy-efficiently

Exhaust gas is safely expelled outside keeping the indoor air clean and odourless

Laminar combustion produces dry heat, which keeps the interior fresh and dry

Perfect for environmentally minded boaters and campers

Durable Finnish design and manufacturing keep your Wallas running through tough weather conditions

Feeding fuel directly from the main tank of the vessel saves space and eliminates the need for a separate tank

Laminar combustion is a safe flameless burning process

Low temperature on unit and exhaust pipe for everyone’s safety

Wallas 87 D is a combination of 86 D oven and 85 DP stove

Domestic style convection oven cooks evenly

Thermo sensors maintain a precise temperature level for fast and accurate cooking times

Ceramic stove is easy to operate and keep clean

Unlike propane cooking systems, diesel stove-oven does not require gas inspections






Fuel: Diesel, HVO renewable diesel
Oven Heating Power: 1000-2200 W (3,400-7,500 BTU)
Stove Heating Power: 900-1900 W (3,000-6,400 BTU)
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Oven Fuel Consumption: 0,1-0,25 l/h (3.3-8.5 oz/h)
Stove Fuel Consumption: 0,09-0,19 l/h (3.0-6.4 oz/h)
Oven Electricity Consumption: 1,6 A
Stove Electricity Consumption: 0,19 A
Length: 475 mm (18 45/64″)
Width: 472 mm (18 37/64″)
Height: 555 mm (21 27/32″)
Weight: 34,3 kg (75.6 lbs)
Colors: Stainless steel


Boats, Camper vans (retrofitted), trailers, cottages, tiny houses


Oven-stove with a control panel
Fuel line 4 m (13 ft)
Power cable 4 m (13 ft) with connector and integrated fuse 15 A
Accessory bag including essential clamps and screws

Heater blower lid 270 is an additional accessory


Stainless Steel, High-Grade Aluminum, Other Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Oven and stove can be operated simultaneously, but starting both units at the same time is not recommended as the battery voltage might drop too low. It is advisable to start the units about 5 minutes apart.

Technical values are measured in a reference measurement wall, which is constructed to respond to a typical boat installation. Values have been measured with maximum length of ducting, exhaust pipe, fuel line, and power cord. The figures allow for 10 % reserve – yours may vary.

Wallas diesel stoves, ovens, and heaters are designed to run with standard road and boat diesel, as well as renewable fossil free diesel. Check with your distributor for further details on best options for your needs.

Wallas 87 D diesel stove-oven

Accessories in black are included in the standard package. Accessories in blue are additional. 

86 D control

Oven control panel

Stove control panel

Browse product manuals, spec sheets and more in the Documents Center

Are you ready for a complete cooking and heating solution?

If you are interested in having a stove-oven-heater combination, take a look at Wallas 89 D, which is the same oven and stove with a blower lid pre-installed.

Reach out to your nearest distributor to determine the best solution for your needs.