1200 W
4,000 BTU

Wallas 1300 kerosene heater

Simplified for Easy Operation and Installation

Don’t let the memories of cold days keep you from boating. The Wallas 1300, a free-blowing (non-ducted) forced air kerosene heater, is ideal for heating one roomy cabin or a cockpit for your day trips on the water. This compact silent heater has everything you need in one body: a fuel pump, control switch, and warm air outlet grill, that can be positioned in your desired direction. Since it only needs an exhaust outlet, a connection to a battery, and some kerosene, it is quick and easy to install. 

The current consumption is only 0.4 A, which is perfect for small sail and motorboats. You can run the 1300 heater for over 100 hours with a regular 60 Ah battery. With the low fuel consumption of only 0.13 l/h (4.4 oz/hr), you don’t need a large tank for storage aboard. 

Exhaust gas is safely expelled outside keeping the indoor air clean and odourless

Quiet heater lets you enjoy your conversations

Durable Finnish design and manufacturing keep your heater running through tough weather conditions

Low temperature on unit and exhaust pipe keep all passengers and surrounding materials safe

Small heater is very easy to install

Fully enclosed laminar burning process ensures a quiet sound level and dries the indoor air

Simple On/Off control


Wallas 1300 power


Wallas 1300 fuel


Wallas 1300 electricity


Fuel: Kerosene/Paraffin
Power: 1200 W (4,000 BTU)
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Fuel Consumption: 0,13 l/h (4.4 oz/h)
Electricity Consumption: 0,4 A
Heatable area: One roomy cabin or cockpit
Length: 286 mm (11 1/4″)
Width: 116 mm (4 9/16″)
Height: 220 mm (8 11/16″)
Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs)
Mounting: Floor or wall


Boats up to: 5 m (16 ft)
Trailers up to: 5 m (16 ft)


Fuel line 1,55 m (5 ft)
Separate tank feed
Power cable 4 m (13 ft) and integrated fuse 15 A
Mounting plate
Accessory bag including essential clamps and screws


Stainless Steel, High-Grade Aluminum, Other Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Technical values are measured in a reference measurement wall, which is constructed to represent a typical boat installation. Values have been measured with maximum length of ducting, exhaust pipe, fuel line, and power cord. Figures allow for 10% reserve – yours may vary.

Wallas 1300 dimensions

Accessories in black are included in the standard package. Accessories in blue are additional. 

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Are you looking for a kerosene heater but need something more powerful?

Wallas 2000 t with its 2000 W (6,800 BTU) of power is another great option with more advanced features.

Reach out to your distributor to determine the best options for your needs.