Separate tank feed 6m

Wallas-code: 367216

Separate tank feed-through for diesel heaters, with a bronze-filter and a breathing tube.

Compliant use with all Wallas tanks:
2024, 2027, 4030, and 4130

Dimensions: 6m

800DSL, 800DSFBLACK, 800DSF, 800D, 50SPARTANWATER, 50SPARTANTWIN, 50SPARTANAIR, 40Dt, 40D, 30VIKINGCOMBI, 30VIKINGAIR, 30GB, 30Dt, 30D, 3000Dx, 22GB, 22Dt, 800DSLBLACK, 85D, 85DP, 85Dt, 85DTBLACK, 85NDP, 85NDT, 85NDTBlack, 86D, 87D, 89D, 95D, 96D, 97D