Wallas Products Can Be Installed in Various Mobile or Temporary Applications

Wallas-Marin offers an extensive selections of cutting-edge heating and cooking solutions catering to an array of mobile facilities, including temporary office and education containers, as well as huts, pods, storage units etc. These remarkable heaters and stoves span the globe, from the icy realms of the Arctic Circle to the deserts of the Middle East.

Wallas heaters stand as the ultimate solution when warmth is paramount and diesel fuel is at hand, but electrical power remains scarce. Not only do they effortlessly deliver consistently smooth and dependable heat, but they also boast the impressive capability to harness solar energy, transforming them into fully self-sufficient heating powerhouses. Get ready to embrace warmth and comfort, no matter where you are!

Office and break room containers in remote construction sites
Seasonal hospitality projects
Patio floor heating for off-grid events
School rooms in remote off-grid environments
Temporary storage units

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