June 23, 2021

Wallas-Marin is proud to announce it has received recognition as a company that designs and manufactures quality products in Finland. The company has been manufacturing high-quality heaters and stoves for 50 years as one of the forerunners in the marine industry. The factory, located in southwest Finland, manufactures thousands of units annually not only to the Finnish market but also internationally to each cold corner of the world from New Zealand to Alaska. Wallas-Marin is domestically owned and pays taxes in Finland.

The “Made in Finland” Key Flag symbol can be awarded to a product that has been made in Finland and has a high domestic content

The pursuit for quality at Wallas-Marin is based on the decades-long experience in marine equipment design. Wallas designers and engineers are also attentive to the development ideas coming from different markets and use them for constant improvements. Each Wallas unit goes through complete testing and tuning before it leaves the factory to ensure the level of quality the company is committed to. As space is typically one of the most challenging aspects of off-grid living, the design team is constantly looking for ways to create products for a range of uses. A Wallas stove is not only a stove but also a heater. A Wallas cottage water heater is not only a water heater, but it also powers up floor heating. Multipurpose units save on space, installation time, and weight. Furthermore, intelligent updates on the control panels keep Wallas products in line with similar advancements in domestic appliances.

The “Design from Finland” symbol can be awarded to a product or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence

The Design from Finland symbol indicates that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business advantages through design. Products and services bearing the Design from Finland mark have been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. These companies are transparent about their products and services’ production chain and country of origin.