Experience gourmet cooking on the move with Wallas' cutting-edge diesel oven on sea or land.

The innovative convection air flow system in Wallas diesel oven guarantees consistent heat distribution, turning your boat’s galley into a gourmet kitchen with even cooking mastery.

Wide Temperature Range

From high-temperature baking to low-temperature reheating, this oven accommodates various recipes with ease.

Safety First with Cooled Envelope

Safety is paramount, even at sea. Wallas’ cooled envelope technology guarantees external surfaces remain safe to touch, Minizing the risk of burns and facilitating carefree onboard cooking.

Stability on the Move with Gimbaled Option

No matter the waves, the gimbaled feature keeps your cooking steady.

Modern look and longlasting materials

The oven is designed to not only look good and modern but to be easy to clean and last decades. High quality stainless steel and aluminium quarantees top performance on difficult conditions.

Advanced control panel

Wallas Advanced control panel

User-friendly Interface with Intelligent Controls

Gradual power handling ensures steady cooking, keeping your boat’s galley mess-free and your cooking experience on course.

 Effortlessly adjust settings and monitor cooking through an user friendly control panel.

Wireless support from the factory

Stay adventure-ready. Get remote troubleshooting and servicing via cloud technology. Wallas technicians can set parameter and trouble shoot your unit remotely with new PCB.