Wallas 50 Years
February 17, 2022 Wallas-Marin is celebrating five decades of innovation from simple kerosene heaters to smart temperature control. The company was established in 1972 by a Finnish innovator Jorma Wallasvaara, who was one of the first internationally recognized Finnish high-tech entrepreneurs. In 1950, he started Wallac Oy, a company that made hygrometers for grain silos as well as equipment to measure radioactivity. Mr. Wallasvaara sold Wallac in 1970 and retired from active work life, but as an innovative mind, he decided to start another company related to one of his favorite hobbies – boating – focusing on kerosene heaters for boats.
Wallas-Marin was established in 1972 in Turku, Finland
Wallas has continued the constant pursuit of improvement and innovation in all of its products and has ventured from marine equipment to other off-grid applications as well. In addition to marine heaters and stoves, the company makes exceptional heaters for cottages and innovative multi-purpose units for recreational vehicles. To keep up with the current demands of modern boaters, Wallas has developed the world’s first diesel-operated convection oven and is ahead of the game with mobile app-operated remote control features.
High-Tech and durability go hand in hand in all Wallas-Marin design
High-tech is not the only strong suit of Wallas-Marin as durability has been its second foundational pillar in manufacturing high-quality products. The products are known to last for years, even decades. It is not uncommon to have customers ask for spare parts for units that are 10 or more years old and still operational. All Wallas products are made of high-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and other corrosion-resistant materials to ensure the units are safe and will endure in the demanding weather conditions of boaters. The units are also built with brushless blower motors, which tend to last longer and require less servicing. Wallas-Marin is still as dedicated as 50 years ago to design solutions that will ease your off-grid living and give you the peace of mind of knowing you and your family are safe, warm, and dry while you are journeying in your favorite locations.