Wallas Viking Water diesel heater

January, 2023

Introducing the state-of-the-art Spartan Water and Viking Water, sophisticated water heating systems engineered to perfection. This cutting-edge technology is designed to serve a dual purpose: it can efficiently heat freshwater and power underfloor and radiator heating systems with unparalleled precision.

The underfloor heating component provides a meticulously controlled temperature profile throughout the cabin. This method ensures a consistent and comfortable thermal experience.

Moreover, Spartan and Viking Water offer the remarkable convenience of remote activation via the Wallas App, even from the convenience of your home. This feature not only saves valuable time but also exemplifies the system’s integration with modern technology.

Beyond marine applications, Spartan and Viking Water extend their utility to off-grid scenarios, such as camper vans, cottages, office/break room containers, and construction trailers, making it an exceptionally versatile and practical solution. Elevate your heating experience with new Wallas water heaters, where technical ingenuity meets real-world heating demands.

For small and medium boats, learn more about Viking Water

For larger boats, learn more about Spartan Water