Wallas-Marin Installation Disclaimer

Updated 1 July, 2021

Wallas-Marin heating and cooking systems are designed and intended for recreational use. 

We recommend having a Wallas-Marin professional install our products to avoid improper installation that can cause injury or property damage.

Installation instructions in the manual and country-specific requirements must be followed. 

It is the responsibility of the owner and the installer to determine which requirements and standards apply to specific installations. 

Wallas-Marin offers a 2+1 year/2000 hour warranty. The warranty is not valid if the unit has not been installed according to the manual or the country-specific regulations have not been followed. Read full warranty terms.

Most Wallas-Marin heaters and cookers are designed for marine use, but can be safely installed in camper vans and RVs RETROFITTED. You must ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the indoor space. Wallas XC Duo is specifically designed for camper vans and can be installed in new recreational vehicles.

Do not repair, replace or remove any part of the unit unless specifically recommended in the manuals. All other servicing should be done by an authorized Wallas-Marin Distributor or Service Center.

Wallas-Marin reserves the right to change or improve its products, and to modify appearances and specifications without notice.
Please refer to the product manual for full installation, maintenance, and operation instructions.