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Functional diagram


Functionally, the heater is based on a fully enclosed burning process. There is a fan for the air intake, which also blows out the burning gases into the outlet through a heat recovery unit. The enclosed process means that exhaust gasses will never contaminate the room air.

The fuel is brought to the burner by a pump, which is an integral part of the technical design. Therefore the tank can be placed under the cottage, where it can be easily filled.

The fuel brought to the burner is ignited by a glow plug. When the temperature is hot enough, the fuel vaporizes and burns with a clean, blue fire. Once ignited, the burner is constructed to maintain the heat, when the glow plug can be turned off.

All the above takes place fully automaticly.

The PCB is controlling the whole device –, the fan, the glow plug, and the fuel pump. Due to a momentarily high glow amperage, the power has to be supplied from a 12 V battery.


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