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Heat blower lid 270


This heat blower lid has a flat construction and the high heating effect as high as 1900W. Despite the high temperature, the upper surface of the lid is only warm to the touch. This heater lid is ideal for boats with one roomy cabin. 

It is ideal for hard-top boats, walk-around boats and boats with one cabin.

How does it work?

Simply close the lid and enjoy the heat.

The blower runs all the time when the cooker is on. When the lid is lowered, the air flow directed across the cooker's hot surface. When the lids is up, the air blows upward behind the lid.



  • Lift the lid and have your bacon and eggs!
  • If you turn the unit from the heater mode to the cooking mode, the stove will be 100% ready for cooking, right away. Fast and convenient.


  • Enjoy the even heat in your cabin!
  • Set the desired temperature from the control panel and let the heater/cooker combination handle the rest. The heating is thermostat controlled.


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