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Wallas 1300 boat heater

The Wallas 1300 is an ideal heater to heat  one roomy cabin or cockpit.

It's a very compact heater and has everything you need in one body: fuel pump, control switch, and warm air grill. The heater is thus extremely easy to install.

Thanks to the laminar burn process the sound level is very low. Furthermore there is no combustion noise, so the boat next to yours can also enjoy the silence of nature.


Easy and compact

  • 1300 needs just an exhaust outlet, a connection to a battery and some kerosene, and that's it, installation is ready!
  • Using the heater is even simpler: just switch it on and enjoy the heat.
  • With the 1 meter extension duct (accessory nr 1332), you can install the heater for example into a convenient locker. A remote panel (accessory nr 1302) is also availble.

Low Amps

  • 0.4 A means that you can run the Wallas 1300 heater for over 100 hours with a regular 60 Ah battery!


  • Laminar combustion assures that your neighbor's boats can also enjoy the silence of nature.

Build your own Wallas kit

  • Wallas accessory helper helps you to gather just right installation accessories for your own needs.
  • Accessory helper also finds your local distributor and/or dealer and sends the request for quotation to them.



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