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Remote Control

Preheat your cottage with Wallas Remote Control. Step into a warm cottage!

It's unbelievably easy to use it with your touch screen mobile phone or tablet, and of course with your computer.


How can I control my Wallas heater?                
Get Wallas remote control device (4430) and plug it into your Wallas control panel.

Get SIM card with data transfer properties, remove the pin code request, and plug it into the remote control device.

Hit and enjoy your warm cottage, remotely.

How does it work?
The Wallas remote control system is based on a webpage application which sends commands to a remote control device. It utilizes the GPRS network to transfer data from the webpage via server to the remote control device.

What information do I get from the cottage?
The remote control application shows the battery voltage in real-time.

It also shows the measured temperature of the cottage in C°/ F°

It gives a signal when the combustion has started in the heater.

All this information is available online all the time when the application is running.

What phones or tablets can I use?
Any touch screen phones and tablets which have an access to Internet. The remote control application is on a webpage which can be reached with of the commonly used  browsers.

Can I start the heater accidentally?
No, you can't. The application asks a confirmation before starting the heater. This confirmation can be optionally excluded by unchecked it.



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