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XC Duo

Just like cooking at home!

Just press the button to start the cooker! It could not be easier.

The cooker has controllable power, which you can easily adjust from the control panel. The ceramic glass top is easy to clean, and the operation is quiet.

On top of all this, you'll appreciate its design.


A real heater

  • Unique solution to transform your stove into a camper heater!
  • XC Duo is a perfect heating and cooking system for small campers!

Diesel gives you independence

  • Diesel is available almost everywhere.
  • No need to calculate if you have enough gas or not.
  • Makes life much easier, as you don't need to find various connectors for foreign gas bottles.

Saves space and money

  • The space of the gas cylinders can be used for storing of other things. Space is often very much appreciated.
  • In most countries, heating with diesel is an economical solution compared to heating with gas.

Saves weight

  • Weight saving by eliminating gas cylinders. Note that you typically have at least two gas bottles aboard.
  • The less weight you have, the more economically you drive.
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  • No open flame. The combustion process takes place in a closed loop with the help of a combustion fan. The process is fully automatic and tolerant of the changes in the air pressure.
  • Combustion adds no moisture or odor to the living areas; no need to keep windows open.

No need for gas inspections

  • Wallas does not need installation or annual inspections like the gas stoves or heaters.
  • No need for gas detectors either.
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Easy parking and driving

  • Parking in public parking houses and garages is allowed.
  • No worries when looking for parking on a way to opera in the city center.
  • No concern about entering tunnels or other covered spaces.


Easy installation

  • Main power will be connected to the 12 V battery.
  • The fuel pipe will be connected to the diesel tank of the vehicle or to a separate tank. The fuel pump can pull the fuel up to 8 meters.
  • Exhaust will be led through the bottom to the side of the vehicle body.
    • Exhaust is kept away from vegetation below the camper.
  • Combustion air will be taken from
    outside of the vehicle through the exhaust head. This balanced flue gives the following advantages:
    • The balanced combustion process
      assures clean burn.
    • Wind tolerance.


Control panel

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