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Wallas Remote Application 40EA, Spartan and Viking models

New features of Wallas remote application:

  • More precise temperature information.
  • Echanged target temperature control
  • Easy start and stop function.
  • Boost-air flow mode in front display.



  • Option to rename heater
  • Running hours
  • Starts
  • Battery voltage
  • Program software
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Heating mode selection.
  • Reset of application settings



  • Multicontrol of several heaters.
  • WLAN connection settings.
  • Software updating.
  • Remote link
  • Error codes in text form with explanations and advices.



  • Remote link works with Application or with internet browser
  • Start/stop
  • Approval of remote controlling
  • Heater mode
  • Temperature/Power control


Additional information:

  • Chart of desired temperature
  • Chart of room temperature
  • Battery voltage chart
  • Posibility to zoom and browse charts


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