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3008 Advanced control Panel

New 3008 Advanced Control panel with enchanged features

New more advanced Control panel for Viking, 40EA and Spartan heaters with new features and easier user interface.

3008 Advanced Control panel was designed to meet hardest criterions of boaters in mind. Control panel have 3 big precise  buttons and large screen with wide view. It is very easy to use and it will give all necessary information with first sight.  

With new control panel it is extremely easy to start and stop unit with easy start function or by IOS/Android Application.

High precision in temperature control. New control panel is the only boat heater control panel in market which supports wired and wireless temperature measuring which are needed for best heating experience. It is not only about presision of heater heat output but it is also about where and how you gather temperature information inside of the boat.

New panel is also easier to install. It has "click down" bracket and all wires are with connectors which makes wire setting easy.

Control panel supports local and WLAN networks which can be used for remote controlling and to update heater parameters and features. With remote control and Wallas remote application you can also follow temperature, battery voltege and other interesting informations in many forms from remote.


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