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Wallas 40EA

Enjoy warm cabin like a home with Wallas 40EA

Best option to off grid living where heating is needed. Wallas 40EA unit provides heat for floor heating and hot water tank to make your life convenient. Designed to be used with solar panels and limited electricity locations. Works with 12v battery and extremely low carbon foot print renewable HVO-diesels. But you can run it also with normal car diesel if that is easier for you.

Good option to floating houses, off-grid locations, Tiny Houses, container houses with size of 40m2 to 90m2.

Wallas 40EA with floor heating profides superior benefits:

  • No worries with everyday moist from shoes and etc. Floor heating will dry your floors and makes life happier

  • Floor heater does not have cold spots. Heat is always where you want it

  • Floorheating gives more space and desing freedom for you house

  • Better air quality than radiator heaters. No dust or allergens going circles in the air thanks to less thermal circulation

  • Very easy to use with Wallas remote APP and wireless thermostat beacons


Preheat your cottage

  • Enter into your warm, cosy cottage. Wallas is easy to operate from your phone touch screen, pad, or computer - which ever suits best for you.

Dry heat keeps your windows clear

  • In addition clear windows, dry heat keeps your linen dry.
  • All burning processes creates moisture (water) as a result of a chemical reaction. In the case of Wallas, all moisture is directed out of the room, as the whole process is totally closed. That's why Wallas heat is dry.

Two elegant colours

  • Graphite gray is a pure and beautiful color option. 
  • Winter white color is perfect choice for trendy white interior.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unit here and get 3th year of warranty.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is carefully  tested before delivery.


Wallas app
Wallas app
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Advanced control panel

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