Wallas Black Line 85NDt and 85Dt + 270


Power:900-1900 W
Operating voltage:12 V
Fuel consumption:0,09-0,19 l/h
Electricity consumption:0,2-0,35 A (Heat blower lid 270 0,35-0,5 A )

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Warranty extension

  • New Black color in stoves and 270 heater lids.
  • State of art Wallas stove and heater lid.
  • Anti-stick color. Easier to clean and works with hot temperatures.
  • Tolerates most of the cleaning detergents.
  • Heater lid (270) with new quiet and better controlled brushless motor.
  • Cook and heat with single unit.
  • Extremely safe. No Gas or open flame.
  • All combustion gases and water vapor are vented outside for safety and keeping cabin dry.
  • Thermostat or manual heating control.
  • Fits perfect to trendy boat interior.
  • Corrosion free construction material.
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