Wallas Advanced Control Panel

3008 Advanced Control Panel Error Codes

10001Unhandled state in software (engine)System error
10003Insufficient heap memory to construct necessary objectsSystem error
10201Unexpected flame-outSystem error
10206Preheating failed, residual fuel burning for too longIgnition failed
1020BSupply voltage is below minimumLow voltage
10A06Ignition failed, maximum allowed number of pump pulsesIgnition failed
20005Unable to construct/start timer objectSystem error
2010204Burner fan is not working (no tachometer signal)Combustion fan
2020204Ventilation fan is not working (no tachometer signal)System error
2030204Fuel pump output short-circuitSystem error
2030205Fuel pump not connected (no current detected on output)System error
203020ANo fuel was detected, maximum allowed number of pump pulsesIgnition failed
2040205Water pump is missing (no load on output)Water pump
2050204Burner or ventilation fan power short-circuitSystem error
2060204Glow plug short-circuitGlow plug
2060205Glow plug missing (no current detected on output)Glow plug
2070005Software initialization error (watch-dog)System error
2080001SPI bus other errorsSystem error
2080006SPI bus timeout errorSystem error
2080008SPI bus busy errorSystem error
2080208SPI bus read errorSystem error
20A0207Water thermostat is missing water temperature dataSystem error
20B0205Analog control (potentiometer) is missingSystem error
3000007Burner temperature is missing/invalidBurner temp sensor
3010007Air temperature is missing/invalidAir temp sensor
3010202Air temperature is too highAir overheat
3020007Water temperature is missing/invalidWater temp sensor
3020202Water temperature is too highWater overheat
50001CAN bus other errorsSystem error
50006CAN bus timeout errorSystem error
50008CAN bus busy errorSystem error
7020BCannot start, low voltageLow voltage
7020CCannot start, device lockedSystem error
7020DCannot start, enable input not assertedSystem error
7020ECannot start, burner temperature missing or too highSystem error