Going for Maximum Power with Minimum Energy

Wallas is tackling the challenges of off-grid living and designing solutions that help you make the most of your boating, camping and cottage experiences. Five long decades in the “keeping boaters warm” business has built a strong foundation of know-how, leading to products that are superior for use also in other off-grid environments.

Our creative team is committed to improving clean-burning, quiet combustion technologies, as well as developing smart features for ease-of-use and versatility. Wallas GreenBoost technology is designed to optimize maximum power with low energy consumption and ultra low emissions.

Our factory is located in Finland in the middle of the finest adventuring archipelago in the world, where boating, camping and cottage life are the main recreations for thousands of people. Keeping it clean and pleasant for everyone to enjoy is of utmost importance to us.


Openness about our manufacturing processes is important to us. 

All Wallas products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Wallas-Marin holds two important awards in quality and design: “Design from Finland” and “Made in Finland”.


We integrate smart features in the Wallas designs to allow our customers to enjoy home-like comfort in off-grid environments.

We build durable products with very long life-cycles. 

We use high-grade aluminum and other corrosion-resistant materials that endure challenging weather and marine conditions.

Safety is always at the forefront of all our designs. 


Wallas products are made with 95% recycled materials and 95% of each unit can be recycled after use.

Wallas Greenboost burner has been extensively tested with Neste to calibrate it to burn renewable fossil-free diesel (e.g. HVO).

Wallas products are ultra-low emission devices.

Spare parts are readily available up to ten years after a model has been discontinued.

How To Contact Us

Wallas-Marin Oy

Kärrykatu 4
20780 Kaarina

+358 600 301 050
Call rate 0,89 Eur/min
Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 3:30 pm GMT +2 (Eastern European Time)

Technical Assistance and Repair Service

For service and warranty issues, please contact the local distributor where you purchased your Wallas product.

We are always looking for new partnerships. Please reach out to us at: sales@wallas.com