Wallas 90 t boat stove


Fuel:Paraffin / Kerosene
2400-6100 BTU
Operating voltage:12 V
Fuel consumption:0.08-0.19 l/h
2.7-6.4 oz/hr
Electricity consumption:0.15 A


Make your own kit with accessory guide:

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Warranty extension

A ceramic stove with double hot plate. Pot holder rails are included into the aluminum profiles.

A real heater

  • With a  270 heat blower lid you can transform your stove into a cabin heater!
  • 90 t + 270 is a perfect heating and cooking system for boats with one cabin!

No propane!

  • Get rid of propane and forget about carrying heavy gas bottles into your boat.
  • Save gas bottle lockers space for better uses.
  • The Wallas combustion process eliminates the need for hazardous heavier-than-air gaseous fuels.

No naked flame!

  • An open flame in a boat is always a hazard. None of the Wallas cookers have an open flame.
  • An open flame also creates moisture in your boat. Unlike propane systems, Wallas stoves draw combustion air from the cabin and carry exhaust overboard. This process dries the cabin interior.

Easy clean-up!

  • Forget steel wool, special cleaning sponges and toxic chemical.

Just wipe the dirt away

  • All Wallas ceramic stoves use durable Schott Ceran stove ceramics to make sure they are easy to keep clean.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all Wallas products. Register your unit here and get 3th year of warranty.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is carefully tested before delivery.

Build your own Wallas kit

  • Wallas accessory helper helps you to gather just right installation accessories for your own needs.
  • Accessory helper also finds your local distributor and/or dealer and sends the request for quotation to them.


Control panel

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